Quectel BG96 modem How to know the Internet data balance?

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I am using Quectel BG96 modem & I insert the Airtel 4G sim card , so now I want to know the balance & inetrnet data balance validity using AT commands . So I tried USSD AT commads but they are not supporting so if any one knows the alternet solution please help me.
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Hi, thank you for contacting Digi-Key. Would you be able to provide the Digi-Key part numbers for your parts used in your request? I am not seeing that we are carrying these and would need to look over the data sheets. Glenda

Actually I dont have right know
Is it neccessary to ans my question ? so please help me if you know ans for question.

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Can anyone help on this question?
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@digikey_user, I’d give this a try, (but the responses are more up to your “network” provider and not the hardware…)


For reference, the BG96 AT command set can be found here: