Queries on EC25AFA-512-STD Module

Hi Team,

          We are planning to buy https://www.digikey.in/en/products/detail/quectel/EC25AFA-512-STD/13278200 module through Digi key.
          Before, we place order, it would be great to get following queries answered to get ahead with order-placement.
  1. As per data sheet EC25-E module from this series is supported for Indian market. Can you please confirm above mentioned item is EC25-E module?
  2. In recent past, we have ordered following dev kit board
    UMTS-LTEEVB-KIT Quectel | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey (Dev Evaluation kit board)

Does EC25-E module which is planned for order, is it compatible with above mentioned dev kit board? i.e it comes with adapter board so that it can directly be connected via pcie slot on evaluation board? PFA pic

          Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest to go ahead for placing the order.

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Hello Vaman,

Welcome to the DigiKey Tech forum community.

Yes, according to the data sheet the EC25-E is suitable for EMEA region which includes India.

Also according to the Quectel website, the UMTS-LTEEVB-KIT is compatible with EC25 series modules. You can view that information in the link below:
UMTS & LTE EVB Kit | Quectel


Hi vkulkarni,

If you are asking if the EC25AFA-512-STD is the EC25-E module, no it is not. The EC25EFA-512-STD (notice the “E” following the “EC25” in the part number) is the EC25-E variant. The EC25AFA-512-STD is a North American variant.

Regarding compatibility with that development board, I believe both the EC25AFA-512-STD and the EC25EFA-512-STD appear to be just the bare module, which must be soldered to a base board rather than coming already soldered down to adapter board and ready to plug into that development board. It is not clear to me whether carry versions compatible with that board.

We will inquire with our product manager and let you know about this. I would recommend you hold off on ordering until we find out for sure.