2958-UMTS-LTEEVB-KIT-ND Produce queries

I am looking 2958-UMTS-LTEEVB-KIT-ND development board , i need to know this comes with GSM module EC25 E or should we buy module separately ?

if Separately need to order EC25 E module , pls share the Module details here

Hello embeddedtech - welcome to the Forum Community. This is the kit contents:


  • USB to UART converter cable x1

  • USB cable x1

  • RF cables x4

  • Main Antennas x2

  • GNSS Antenna (passive) x1

  • Wi-Fi Antenna x1

  • Earphone x1

  • USB 2.0 to RS232 driver and USB driver disk x1

  • ALC5616 and TLV320AIC3104 codec boards x2

  • Bolts and nuts for assembling EVB x1 (4 for each type)

  • Instruction sheet of giving instructions for EVB connection, details of EVB accessories, etc. x1

Applicable modules:
• UMTS & LTE Modules:
• UC20
• UGxx (UG96/UG95)
• EC2x (EC25/EC21/EC20/EC20 R2.0/EC20 R2.1)
• EG9x (EG91/EG95)
• AG35
• BG96
• Wi-Fi Modules:
• FC20 Series (FC20/FC20-N)
• AF20

Link to the details from the manufacturer’s website.

Hi @embeddedtech ,

The UMTS-LTEEVB-KIT does not include the module or test boards as those are user selectable. 2958-EC25EFATEA-512-STD-ND should work for you, please review datasheet specifications before ordering.

The “TEA” in the part number demonstrates the module is pre-mounted on the (daughter) board. Without the TEA it will be the surface mount module chip only.