Question on TAU1302-EVK-A00 GNSS demo kit

I’m seriously thinking about ordering one and have a few questions.
Am I correct in assuming the tau1302 chip is included and installed?
The 1302 chip says it supports 3 options:
Option A L1 & L5; Option B: L1 & L2; Option C: L1 & L6
How is the option selected, I don’t see a physical switch on the eval board, or is it done in satrack?
What is the approximate shipping cost to Los Angeles, CA, USA?
Is there a technical discussion board for SATRACK software, or can I ask specific questions here?
Thank you

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. This kit does come with the TAU1302 chip installed. I’m not sure how the different options would be selected but you can direct that question to Allystar support. Here is the Allystar link you can use to contact them on support, cost and shipping information since this is a “Marketplace” product and ships from Allystar . Here is the Satrack link for information on the software and any support needs you may need.