Radio Module 602-1558-ND with Digimesh Network


I am using product number 602-1558-ND in my Digimesh network, but I see this model is being discontinued. I see a direct substitute for the module is 602-2186-ND, but I would like to know if both modules are compatible with each other. Can I just add more of the new model to my network if I need to expand it? Would they be able to communicate with each other? If not, how can I get more units of 602-1558-ND?


Hello @mchuecos

They are direct crosses, but they use different IC chips. It looks like they would be able to work with each other, but you would have to check the datasheet to make sure of that.

Hello, They should be compatible, you can review the Digi XBee® 3 Zigbee Migration Guide