Raspberry product ( ED-IPC3020-08320 ) missing poe cable

hi i just got this item : ED-IPC3020-08320
and the cable for making the pie module is not included … ( 4 pin in a square shape to 4 pin in a line)

is it normal ? and what is this kind of cable ? I have no prob just buying one …

If part does not work you can return for replacement with in 30 days. Cables used by the manufacturer for production are not supplied.

The data sheet says:

PoE can be supported through expansion module.

I’d guess that the cable is only included with the expansion module.

The version that includes the POE expansion module is:

I could not find anyone with that version for sale, perhaps the manufacturer will sell it direct. ED-IPC3020_上海晶珩官网

Edited to add:
BTW- The Raspberry Pi folks have not yet released an official POE hat for the RasPi5. Over on the forum the results of using third party POE adaptors has been very mixed, so I would not use any POE with a RasPi5 until the official HAT is released, hopefully later this year.

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ok ! thank you for your time !

Based on their product page…

For POE this would be: ED-IPC3020-08320-P

I guess the biggest question, “With PoE Module” = just a cable, or a custom pcb board with the PoE transformer? ED-IPC3020_上海晶珩官网


yeah your :

i just figured out that the entire module is missing haha
mine :

so i realy want this thing hahaha … where did you get yours ? there is no vendor selling it with poe i can find

Hello jeangabriellaferte - this was the response from the manufacturer: ED-IPC3020-08320 does not come with the cable and module the customer showed in this image. Only ED-IPC3020-08320-P comes with them. P mean PoE module.

Hey @jeangabriellaferte did you ever figured out where to get the module? this seems like a decent product, but the support is lacking.

The POE module is currently only available as a complete assembly, case and PI5 which can be purchased here:

ED-IPC3020-08320-P EDATEC | Embedded Computers | DigiKey

According to Martin Rowan - https://www.martinrowan.co.uk/2024/03/edatec-ed-ipc3020-industrial-raspberry-pi-5/
The module is this: SDAPO PM1202
It steps it down to 12v and the board will further step it down to 5v for the pi. It looks like a quick solder job.
I believe the cable is a 1.5mm pitch wire to board connector like this one: https://www.newark.com/multicomp-pro/mp004781/cable-assy-4p-rcpt-free-end-150mm/dp/78AH1902
I wasn’t able to find one with the end to plug into the pi, but I think you could fairly easily add on four 2.54mm Dupont female connectors.