RE: Yamaha Electone 205U/Fuses


I have a couple of some older fuses that may be needing to be replaced. I am new to fixing this Yamaha Electone 205U.

Some of it works and other parts are “fried.” Anyway, I wanted to try to make it work again, i.e. circa '79 model.

I need some parts:

F701 --> 3.0A/250V
F702, 703 --> 4.0A/250V
F704 --> 750mA/250V


P.S. I have a photo of one of them. They seem to be all the same type of fuse from '79.

Hello Again,

I found some fuses online on your site but I figured I would check w/ some well-respected reps. on this one.


P.S. I found the profile online for the 4.0A but not for the 3.0A fuse. Here are the dimensions:

I got this info/photo after measuring. This photo comes from

From your picture the fuse appears to be the 3AG size, which has a total length of 1-1/4 inch. You should verify that is the correct length. Here is a link to our 3AG options for the current rating you mentioned:

Hello @Andy_1607,

Seth here. I feel foolish or need some eyewear. The metal connector in those fuses are so thin. I could not see it under the incorrect light.

I moved rooms to view some of the components (fuses). They all had a very thin line in there but the metal was there in the center.


P.S. Sorry to harass you on the job.

No worries, we are here to assist if we can. You can also test fuses with an ohm meter to see if there is continuity.


Thank you for the info. I have a manual for this thing, i.e. it is the service manual. The boards are old and brittle. I am being very careful right now.


P.S. So, ohm meter and find continuity. Got it.