Recom Power RACD03-PSE Series Replacement P/Ns

Recom Power released a notification of a small number of their RACD03-PSE series part numbers were going obsolete. These included the RACD03-xxx-PSE products. The rest of the standard RACD03 series are not affected by this notification. You can view the full EOL here. Please see below to for the obsoleted part numbers and their manufacturer recommended replacements. You can view the respective product page by clicking on the Digi-Key part number.

Obsolete Part Number Digi-Key Part Number Recommended Replacement Part Number Digi-Key Part Number
RACD03-350-PSE 945-2625-ND RACD03-350 945-1413-ND
RACD03-500-PSE 945-2617-ND RACD03-500 945-1665-ND
RACD03-700-PSE 945-2618-ND RACD03-700 945-1414-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.

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