Recommendation for Small Continuous Rotation Servo w/ Position Control

Hi I’m a relatively new amateur when it comes to electronics.

I’m currently in a situation where I anticipate that I will need a continuous rotation servo to spin a dowel attached to a small foam prop at speeds of ~1000RPM (For a film’s special effect, it just needs to look like it’s moving fast) and at the end of the rotation period I would need it to reset to a default “starting position”.

The smaller the motor the better as I would like it to be wearable on the wrist. Could someone suggest a servo motor that meets these specs?


Hello derrick.nhan, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The closest servo motor is 1927-2589-ND, but it only has a speed of 130rpm.
We also have a DC motor 1927-1023-ND, which has a speed of 1820rpm, but would not stop at the same (default) point each time it is shut off.