Servo motor for automating optomechanics


I am looking for a servo motor that can support a torque of ~50 oz-in and has a lifetime of 5+ years, I am looking for a size similar to NEMA 14,17 motors.


There are some product listings here which may be worth looking at. Additional options in the stepper family here, which might be useful depending on what exactly you have in mind and what you’re willing to provide in terms of control mechanisms.

It’s not practical to specify device longevity in terms of time, without also considering conditions of use; a device operated for two minutes a month will survive longer than one run continuously. That said, the fewer wear components a device contains, the better its prospects for longevity; a direct-drive stepper with non-contact encoder can be expected to be more durable than a hobby-style servo with perhaps a half-dozen intermediate drive components

Thank you for the reply.

A stepper would fit my application if it has an absolute encoder. Are there any available?


Absolute encoding tends to be a costly option, and most that I’m finding listed as a package deal with the steppers are incremental. Products like the 902-0135-000 offer absolute positioning via built-in sensor and might be worth a look, though the magnetic encoders from AMS used therein are sold as standalone items which a person could probably add to the motor of their choice.