Designing a Custom Pocket Door


I am designing a pocket door system with integrated electronics. The door weighs approximately 1800lb and needs to move 6’ on a 12’ linear rail system in one direction and back to its home position. The door is to be operated by an RFID badge scanner on one side and have a sensor to detect if someone is in the way so the door won’t close on anyone!

Basically, I am looking for the right servo or gear motor to operate the door moving 6’ in either direction. It could operate from 120VAC to 220VAC or 24VDC to 48VDC and doesn’t need to open quickly. I believe I need an actual encoder so the door always knows its position (in case of power failure). The parts I believe I need are:
1x Servo Drive Motor
1x Actual Encoder
1x Controller
1x RFID Badge Scanner that can work with the controller

Am I missing anything and could someone from support help me to isolate a proper system + components for this application?
Thank you!