Push/pull electromagnet Solenoid Requirement

We need electromagnet push pull solenoid

Force-above or nearest 80 N
Stroke- 10mm
Voltage -24 or 12v Dc

I search your website.i could find the match I required.

Help me out to choose the solenoid.

Any clarification or extra details required .kindly contact

Very urgent need

I do not find any close to 80 N https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/solenoids/180?s=N4IgjCBcpgLFoDGUBmBDANgZwKYBoQB7KAbXAFZyAmADggJoHYaA2GkAXQIAcAXKEAGVeAJwCWAOwDmIAL4EwNAMwIQySOmz4ipEEqVwqAThAF9h9mZpUwLFVZstynHv0hDRkmfJDkDq9U1cAmJIMhtYJUsQKioABiVnLhA%2BAWFxaTkFIxoTaDVUTGCdMJA4zh8bJgDCrRDdWIACAHUXFLcQAFUJMV4AeRQAWRw0LABXERw5WVkgA

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Hello Manoj,

These specifications are extreme for a solenoid. Devices such as this are available from manufacturers such as Guardian Electric, but only in a pull configuration and with 120 or 240 VAC coils. To my knowledge, parts such as this are not available from DigiKey.

However, please allow me to make a recommendation involving pneumatics. Folks are sometimes reluctant to switch technology, but in your case, this may work to your advantage.

Please consider this part:

It has the desired 10 mm stroke and is capable of over 100 N of force in both directions. Compared to the solenoid, it is compact and easy to install with no need to worry about the hazards of high voltage. Depending on your application, you could use either pneumatic or electropneumatic controls.

Best Wishes,


P.S. For those unfamiliar with pneumatic controls, you may be interested in this introductory video:


Thanks for your reply sir