Solenoid force selection

I need to select a solenoid based on push force and range of motion, ie 30-40 lbs (133 N) and stroke ie 30mm for example.

Voltage and dimension etc are secondary to its purpose.

Hello streudelhound - welcome to the Forum community. I didn’t find a product matching the specifications you stated, but here is a link to the solenoids we have. Unfortunately, push force and range of motion are not parameters we are able to search by. If you see any options here that you are interested in, the datasheets will be linked on each product’s detail page.

Hello @streudelhound,

Your 30 to 40 lbs requirement is unlikely to be met with a solenoid. A direct acting 40-pound force device with a 30 mm stroke would be large, heavy, and line powered.

Instead, may I recommend:

  • pneumatics if speed is a consideration

  • linear actuator

As a starting point consider the Fabco F-0750D01-01I. With a 90 psi air source, the theoretical force is approximately 40 lbs.

Here is a collection of linear actuators to chose from.

Please let us know if these will work for your application. Also, let us know if you require additional assistance selecting the associated components such as Directional Control Valves (DCV).

Best wishes,


Stroke length is in the parameters and you can use the power rating as a crude proxy for force (higher force solenoids generally use more power)