Relay cross-over

i am looking for a cross referenced for part number 943-1C-5DS. that’s a PCB relay. See picture

Greetings Timothy and welcome to the TechForum. After some searching I was able to find this datasheet. Using the specifications from it, these are the closest to the original that we have in stock. There are some differences, please review them to see if one will work for your application.

Through Hole 5VDC Power Relays, Over 2 Amps | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Can you find one that matches the dimensions? 19 mm wide (that’s measured going across like the reading. ie, (943-1C etc.), 15 mm tall and 15 mm deep

2449-J107F1CS205VDC.80-ND and 2449-J107F1CS125VDC.36-ND are both similar dimensions.

I will try the 2449-J107F1CS205VDC.80-ND. Thanks

You’re welcome, thanks for choosing Digi-key.