Relay socket needed


I’m looking to find the right part number that will ‘‘fit’’ the relays that I ordered.
I ordered 12V relay, # Z848-ND.
I thought the socket # Z2605-ND would fit, but they don’t.
Anyone has an idea on the right socket would fit my Z848-ND relay ?


Thank you for your inquiry.

The relays you are inquiring about have PC Pins installed on them. Their intended use is to be soldered directly onto a circuit board.

Thanks Kristof,

Would you have an equivalent relay for the Z848-ND that would fit on those socket ?
Because we have to replace it once in a while and it’s a difficult to job to do, the way the electronic board is installed.


Hi @ermagraphique ,

Click here for relays that will work in your socket Z2605-ND, however these are only rated @5A, and since these are DPDT instead of SPDT the pin-out location/functions will be different.

Otherwise, Click here for some mentionable SPDT relays that are chassis mount or socketable. The recommended sockets can usually be found towards the bottom of each product page.

Please let us know if you need further assistance


|Z2352-ND|G5LE-1A4 DC12|
|Z1015-ND|G5LE-1 DC12|
|Z1012-ND|G5LE-14 DC12|
|Z223-ND|G5Q-1A4 DC12|
|Z221-ND|G5Q-1 DC12|
|Z225-ND|G5Q-14 DC12|
|Z8455-ND|G5Q-14-EU DC12|
|Z2772-ND|G5NB-1A-E DC12|
|Z4379-ND|G5NB-1A4-EL-HA DC12|
|Z2617-ND|G5LE-1-E DC12|