Replace piezoelectric element for louder alarm?

I would like to use an alarmed watch movement for a travel alarm clock.

Movement: YM24A (

I am concerned that the alarm in this movement will not be loud enough.

Basically, I think there is a piezoelectric element stuck to the back of the case for the alarm function.

Do you think it’s possible to replace this with a louder element?

High gordon,

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Regarding the piezo element, there is no way to know for sure whether another element would be louder, but it’s quite unlikely. One would presume that Epson would have designed or selected an element which optimally fits the case, both dimensionally and acoustically. Anything which does not precisely fit this limited space would almost certainly be less effective at coupling with the case, and therefore, be less effective at transmitting the sound.

If you need something louder, you’ll probably need to find another alarm.

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for contacting TechForum. Upgrading the piezo wouldn’t do a whole lot since it is driven by the amplifier tone and power. As a gamble you could purchase something similar in the lowest impedance to see if it would provide more dB, since lower impedance typically results higher current, higher power.

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