Replacement for NI PCI6025E


We have about a dozen machines that use NI PCI6025E IO cards.

These cards are way past obsolete and we are looking for a current equivalent that would connect to a PC using USB.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Jeffrey DeWitt
Collins Aerospace

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We do not carry the NI PCI6025E cards, but I see on the NI website they have 16 analog inputs, 2 Analog outputs, and 32 Digital I/Os. We do not have anything that would be an equivalent to these boards, with a USB interface.

Details of the use case would influence device selection. There are devices such as the 781440-01 (AKA USB6351) available that would appear to be an upgrade on many fronts for a single module.

It should be noted that a USB interface presents difficulties for multi-device synchronization however, and that if this was a needed feature of the prior art, one may wish to consider other options.

Hello David,

Thank you for checking.

In my research the NI USB-6992 was suggested. You have them listed but none in stock and with an estimated ship date in September.


Jeff DeWitt