DigiKey Part Number 2084-PCI-1756-BE-ND

Does the board come with any GUI software?

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I do not see any reference to software being included with this item.
The Manufacture’s Website for PCI-1756-BE, shows a Download for a Driver.
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Thank you for direct reply, it means a lot to me personally.

I contacted Advantech through their chat as call could not go through, Chat referred to sales which has not gotten back to me yet. Does not matter now.

We gave up on 2084-PCIE-1758DIO-AE-ND and went with 1286-6069-410-032-ND as We do not have to open a computer, it comes with software that looks a lot like NI programming, and has terminal break out. Just right for high conductor count cable testing.

As a Meta Mechanical Engineer I will be building the fixture and programming the DAQ. Wait ME doing programming?

About 1986 I built an expansion IO board for a Commodore C64 and programmed it to learn and test cables for shorts and opens. It also functioned as a stepper motor driver for adjusting a video product in 1990. About 2009 I sold the kit to a small manufacturer as wire harness tester. Here we go again, funny how history repeats itself.

Lee Zuhars


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