Replacement of WMP Weller Iron

We have a WD1 Soldering station that uses WMP irons with NT1 replaceable tips. The WMP irons are no longer available. What is the proper replacement p/n? I need the new version to also accept NT1 tips.

Hello davidj and welcome to the fourm.

It is regrettable that we do not have a replacment soldering iron for your unit that accepts NT1 tips. Those have gone obsolete.

Hello davidj,

I’m not sure, but some of the Weller series may be valid. Since Apex Tool Group now controls the Weller seires, the part numbers all changed. The only way to really know is to do a physical measurement of the tips, make sure you have the correct voltage, wattage, and temperature rating along with other details. Below links may be a starting point. Letting us know your findings would be great.

Soldering Irons:

Soldering Tips:

Extended list of Tips: