Replacement thermal mosfet clips

Where can I get a replacement for this clip? Sorry I don’t understand how to navigate this forum yet 15950943917704025157469146788938|375x500

I have searched everywhere for this amplifier or anything that will work when they are removed sometimes they crack or break and need to be replaced .

I could not find anything the same size. I looked at HS216-ND. We do have a whole list of heat sink products. Maybe if you could provide the amplifier you are using, we might be able to get closer.

Hello! Here’s a link to our thermal clips. You’ll want to check your dimensions to see if any these options will work for your application.

Its multiple amplifiers that use these clips. Chinese made class d car amplifiers. Kicker cxa1200-1800.1d use them. At least 40 make and model uses those clips.