Request for alternative

Hi Tech Team,

I need the MINI DIN CONN: 6P, CUI P/N: MD-60SP for my project. However, it seem to be discontinued. Do you any alternative to propose for that? Please let me know the MPN. Thank you.

Hello Erik09, we don’t have an equivalent to offer for the panel mount mini-din, 6 position. We have a free hanging version that is orderable but it requires a minimum order quantity of 50,000 pieces
CP-2160-ND. We do have a cable assembly with a female receptacle if you could use that. AE9875-ND.

HI Erik,

See if this one might work for you:

MD-60PL100 CUI Devices | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Hi Jenny, this MD-60SP is EOL and no direct replacement from factory?

Hi Kristof, this MD-60SP is EOL and no direct replacement from factory?

Hi Erik09. That’s correct. Mini-dins aren’t used much anymore. We used to have quite a few of them from different manufacturers but they aren’t being produced by many manufacturers.

Soon after the introduction of USB 1.0, PS/2 style mouse and keyboard connector demand started dropping precipitously. So the 6 pin mini-din connector manufacturers had to start reducing the number of variations they offer to better match demand. I’d estimate that in its hay day 100s of millions where sold each year, now it’s likely only 10s of thousands, or less, are sold per year.