Ribbon cable w/ connector for a header

Hi, I am looking for ribbon cables that are compatible with the 61201021721
CONN HEADER R/A 10POS 2.54MM header
. I attached a general spec file but the cable I am looking for doesn’t need to be as long as specified in the file, only need it to be at least 100mm long.

B1171-B2P-B.pdf (462.3 KB)

Hello ansonl, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
Click here for the closest matches.
I don’t think any are the exact pin to pin match, with the polarizing key. If you get the ones without the polarizing Key, one of them may work, but you have to be careful to insure you plug it in correctly.
We also have the separate connectors, if you want to replace one end, so it matches your cable.
Click here for the ribbon cable connectors.
The other option is to send a detailed drawing, with the connector orientation and length, to custom.orders@digikey.com, and request a quote for the cable.

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