Need to verify if I'm getting the correct ribbon cable and connector


I’m trying to replace a ribbon cable and its connector. Here are the original ribbon cable (LL31941 CSA AWN I A 105C 300V FT-1) and connector (no other label other than 16P):

Ribbon Cable:


Replacing with:

Ribbon Cable:

We can also assemble something like this for you in our Value Added department.

Example of a 3 foot version would be :

H4PXS-1636G Assmann WSW Components | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey

Would it be what I’m looking for, like will it operate with my equipment properly? If it does, I would need multiple length cables (88in, 22in, 20in, and 10in).

The 36 in H4PXS-1636G calls out the length in inches.

You can call and ask to talk to the Custom Cables people, otherwise email them directly email

Just tell them what original standard value added cable you were considering and tell them the length modification you’re requesting.

The documentation on the DIP header to Ribbon Cable connector to verify it will work for you is located here: ADIP 16Z-LC Assmann WSW Components | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Part Number Breakdown for the cable: