Newbie looking for cable replacement advice

There is a ( very thin) data cable also which doesn’t have connectors, it slides into a steady connection on the mother board.
… but here the ribbon cable in the picture below.

Marks on the cable : VW-1 105C 300V 28AWG 201212130916

Doe’s somebody know how to choose a cable from the link :


That appears to be a fairly standard 0.1" pitch IDC cable, with a polarizing key and strain relief. They’re a fairly fungible item, but one does well to check dimensional drawings against a part on hand prior to purchase.

This subset of the results you linked above are good bets; length would be the next thing to filter by. Gold finish is generally better for low-level signals over long time frames with thicker layers tending to hold up better to repeated connect/disconnect cycles, usually at a cost of increased cost… Beyond that it’s mostly a question of preference for boring gray vs pretty colors.


@rick_1976 thanks ! The item list is just a little confusing. Can you point me to the the cable you would suggest in specific the length is 10".

From the google search ( VW - 1 105C. 300V 28 AWG 201212130916 which is is marked on my cable) the following cable

Is coming up on Digi - Key . Even though I have no idea if thats the same cable, it at least looks like it. I’m must not sure how to find the connectors which might be broken !?

Is there a way to just order 10" of it?

That’s similar stuff, but has fewer conductors than you’d need. You can’t buy 10" of it, but you can buy 12" of a similar product as P/N 3M157816-1-ND , cut two inches off, and amuse yourself for a few minutes by peeling the strands of the remainder apart. It’s sorta like bubble wrap that way, but without the satisfying popping noise… A comparable connector would be LKR16H-ND . Note that you’ll need a bench vise or at least a set of slip joint pliers or some similar tool to apply the connectors, unless you’ve got unusual hand strength. Even pressure across the length of the connector is key. Note that it’s also possible to flip things backwards in about a half dozen ways when making your own, so carefully compare your assembly to the existing cable before you start applying the connector.

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Thanks I finally found the right cable !