Can someone identify this connector for me?

The wire size is 20 AWG
I’d like to see other options in this line/family as well. I’m looking to piggyback/parallel to the existing cable as well as make a longer cable.
I have more photos if needed.

What is the centerline pitch? This is the distance between the pins or sockets from the center of one hole/pin to the center of the next adjacent one.


.09375” or 2.5mm O.C.

Thank you!

This look like the closest part:

Our part number is A121828-ND. Keep in mind this is just a housing so you’d have to buy the metal pieces separately that go inside. The metal sockets are on the same page if you scroll down to “Associated Product”.

Thank you very much for your help!

I’ll be placing the order soon.



Can you assist me with locating a cable?

I’m looking for a 20 AWG, 4-conductor, shielded, 50ft cable. Colors do not matter. Nothing complicated. Simple and in-expensive for this project.

Thank you,


Based on price and ease to connect to the shield via the drain wire: C1331-50-ND (

Thank you once again!