Identify this connector

I am trying to identify this connector to get a mating cable connector. Please help???

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Can you measure the pin spacing, we need to know that to match a mate. The center of one pin to the center of the pin next to it. Also, are there any markings on the connector, they would be small and hard to see.

@dnldbsvrt take a look at 455-4231-ND you will need to verify measurements as Steve suggested but this appears to be the same.



The only writing on it is “8 YS”. the center distance between pins is .100. Does that make sense?

I guess I would need the female end with a short cable. I am not trying to replace the existing but find a mating connector with short cable. I do appreciate your time and effort in finding this.

If one scrolls down the product page linked above, there is a section titled “Mating Products” linking to the corresponding housing:

Down that linked page, under “Associated Product” are listings for compatible contacts and pre-crimped jumper leads: