Help identify the component

Hello! Need help to determine the component on the photo. Thanks in advance!


Would you be able to measure the center to center distance from one of the contacts to the next?

about 2 mm…

For connectors the spacing usually will be an exact multiple of either, tenths of a mm, tenths of an inch, hundredths of an inch, or 1/64th’s of an inch (the first two are most common).

The very common pin spacing of 0.1" is about 2mm (2.54mm exactly) but won’t work with
a 2mm pin space connector.

pitch exactly 2.54 mm

Based on the information given. I would say these would be your closest bet.

problem with mating - I can not find

con2_4 con2_3


I am sorry to say that I am not seeing that we would have an exact match for either the 5 position board mounting header or the cable mounting mate at this time.

I will be placing this conversation in my notes. If you happen to have any further questions please feel free to contact tech support again. If you give the next technician the following reference number, my notes will then be available to assist in your question. Your technical reference number is: T3873272

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Nathan Raatz
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