Please help identify parts

I need help identifying the connectors to repair my device. This is all completely new to me, but I am trying to learn.

There is a cable ribbon that is used to connect a circuit board to an LCD screen. I believe I have identified the cable ribbon correctly as 20COND.

The images are of one connector with the various pieces in different stages of how they were connected. When I removed the cable, all of the parts that dig into the cable came out and remained in the cable, which is why they are not shown.

I am completely new to all of this so ANY help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hello sportslover323, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
For finding a replacement connector, the pin and row spacing is an important measurement to finding an alternate part. A very common spacing, is 0.100" (2.54mm) from center to center of the pins.
If that is the correct spacing, a possible alternate for the socket would be S7078-ND.
Take a look at this one, and the Datasheet, to verify if they match.
If there are some differences, please let us know, so we can do further searching.