Finding a replacement for ribbon cable

This is a reverse style 30 came out of pioneer car DVD headunit.i need a compatible replacement please give link.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. We have some options to look at. See the list of cables we have available. I’m not able to determine the pitch (spacing from the center of one conductor to the center of the conductor next to it) or the length of the cable you posted . You will need to look at the list provided to see if one of these will fit properly.

I’m not sure how to search cables but I found some info Punch is .5 and cable is about 5 inches

Looks like the link I posted is bad but here’s an option to look at , Digikey part 732-5223-ND , this is a 30 conductor cable, 0.5mm pitch and 5.98 inches long.

Thankyou so much