Help to Identify Cable

Hello. I’m looking to identify a replacement cable. It’s one of the cables in the bank of 8 below.

Photos of the connector ends are attached. Need a cable 2 ft in length.

Could you help me identify a part number?


Hello Will_F:
I did not find that we carry a cable asssembly like yours. It looks like the non-threaded connector may be a mini-din like this one: 2092-KMDLAX-3P-ND.
Take a look at the datasheet to verify dimensions. I am not finding anything like your black connector though, is there any writing on either connector? Numbering, lettering or a manufacturer’s logo? Can you provide the dimensions?

These are not exact matches to your cable but one of them may work, please review the datasheets to see if one will work for your application.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. I think I can make one of those work. Cheers!

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