Do you need Digi-Key's help to Identify a Connector?


Tracking down a connector can be difficult. But when you’re in a bind and need some extra help, the Digi-Key team is here for you. Here are some pointers on what we need:

  • Pictures - An in-focus photo with measurements is worth a thousand words. Include photos of the front and side of the connector. Also good to note if you’re looking for the connector in the photo or if you’re in search of the mate.

  • Note the Number of positions (aka electrical connections) within the connector.

  • Pitch - Try to be as precise as possible!

  • Mounting Style - examples include Panel Mounted; Through Hole / Surface Mount; Vertical vs. Right Angled; etc.

  • If free hanging, advise the wire gauge used.

  • Contact information such as gender (male pins vs. female sockets) and connection style (crimp, solder, pcb pin).

  • do you need tooling?

  • Any additional comments or details.

If you have a connector or other Electronic component you need help identifying please Create a TechForum post along with your information right in the Part Identification Category.