About the Part Identification category

Get help identifying a part by pictures, markings, or specification here.

Identifying and tracking down unknown electronic components can be difficult. If you are in need of help identifying a component Digi-Key’s TechForum community is here for you. While our team of technicians and engineers are not able to identify all parts here are some pointers on what information we need to help you identify your parts:

Pictures - An in-focus photo with measurements is worth a thousand words. Include photos from multiple angles and sides. Taking a picture of the component next to a ruler or with measurements can help to identify the size when looking at items like connectors or wire leads. Clear pictures that contain part markings are also very helpful for verifying certain parts.

Pitch1 - Try to be as precise as possible! Also the number of pins or if the part has wire leads what length and do the wires have contacts or connectors on them?

Mounting Style - While many parts are easily identifiable some are harder than others to ID. Also if you are looking for a mating part on a connector it is important to know what you are looking for.

Gender Contact information (male pins vs. female sockets) and connection style (crimp, solder, pcb pin).

Any additional comments or details.

If you have this information available please feel free to create a TechForum post and the TechForum community as well as Digi-Key’s team of engineers and techs will try to identify your electronic parts.