Ribbon cable extension

Have a fixed 6 conductor ribbon. It has a connector like this on the end.

I’d like to extend the ribbon without cutting. I can find a mate to this connector, but only one that mounts to a board. I could make an adapter board, but would rather come up with something that mates to the ribbon since I’ll need to eventually go to a bulkhead anyway. Is something like this available?

Hello RAndres - welcome to the Forum community. What is the pitch of your connector? This is the center of one contact to the center of the next. Do you have the part number of this connector so that I can check to see if we have a free hanging mate for it?

HI Jenny, it’s .100 spaced in both pin and row. I talked with your tech support, we weren’t able to find an IDC mate. Problem boils down to how can I extend the ribbon? Finally I will need to break out into discrete conductors to attach to a larger bulkhead connector.

Connector is 609-2841-ND

Ideal would be to find something like WM14717-ND that is an IDC ribbon connector, but I don’t believe it exists.

yes I not find any IDC male header idc 10position is the lowest in this area Click Here

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