RJ11 Male connector with left offset Release tab

Good morning,
I am looking for an RJ11 connector that has an offset release tab. Typically the release tab is in the middle of the plug. I need one with the tab set off to the left. This is for the pedal connection to the steering wheel on a Thrustmaster Steering wheel for a PS4 game system. The wire has detached from the plug and I would like to repair it. I need the male plug.
Thank you


Would the items shown in the below link match what you are looking for?

It looks that is the one. I only need 1 of these. is the any way to confirm that this is the correct one other than the picture

These have drawings linked on their pages.
You would be able to verify with those.

As far as I can tell these all have the same dimensions.

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https://belfuse.com/resources/drawings/stewartconnector/dr-stw-937-sp-3066r-ost.pdf this is the drawing for you to review MEGOETZ
Technical reference number T4086309.

Hi MEGOETZ, please see the post below for more information on the “offset tab”.