Auto Audio Input Cable Connectors

Long time user of Digi-key for a number of engineering projects, first time poster! I produce a number of audio adapters for different vehicles and I am looking to take on a few other projects. While I am normally pretty good at sourcing components, I am having a hard time finding some of these auto manufacturer specific connectors. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ill share as much info as I have. Please also mention if there is an internal connector that connects to an exterior plug and what pins would fit!

This is a 12 pin connector from BMW, Saab and even ford. Seems to be widely used throughout the industry but I cant find it!

this one is a 12pin from a Mercedes. This is almost identical except for that indent which seems to have moved from the left to the right side. My assumption is they are from the same manufacturer and use the same internal connector and pins.

Last one is from a Honda motorcycle. Looks to be a standard 3 pin molex very similar to the 0039012020 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey except with 3 pins and not 2. Molex site didn’t show anything like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello chamilton89, Welcome to the Forum,

I did some searching for the connectors that you listed.
First off the 3 position connector looks to be from TE Connectivity part number 172337-1. Digi-Key part number is A106198-ND
The Contacts for that connector are located on our website under Associated paroducts. You just need to pick them out according to AWG size.
Here are some options.

I am sorry, but for the 12 Pin Audio connectors we do not have those exact connectors.
I did some searching on the web and it looks like they are all considered adapter cables.
For example:
Here is an Option
These might be sold as a Set.

I am sorry, I was unable to locate who might sell the connector by itself.

Any questions please let up know.

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Looks like ive found it!
Part numbers from Te 2-1355524-3 and 2-1355524-3 are the covers and 1394048-1 is the plug!

Any chance at you being able to take a crack at two more? I know im asking a lot at this point but you were super helpful!

4 Pin Harness from a Mercedes

BMW 82110149389 backside

Another (very similar) 10 pin to the quad lok from TE above. I am sure it is part of the same line, just different color, angle and pin#.

I am not able to locate connectors like these that are pictured. are there additional pictures showing the ends of the four position connector. Do you have a picture of the contacts along with the wire size? The second picture, I will need the pitch and wire size.

I do agree with John. It would be nice to see a little more on the connectors.
It might be possible that the 4 position connector is for Quick Connect Receptacles similar to this A138951-ND

Paul, thank you for your help. Here is a detailed picture of the female portion of the 4 conductor connector.

Hello chamilton89,
I am sorry, but I am unable to find that connector in our inventory of parts. I do feel that might be a specialized connector for Mercedes Benz.

I was not able to find much on it that would lead me to a Certain manufacturer.