Auto Audio Input Cable Connectors

Long time user of Digi-key for a number of engineering projects, first time poster! I produce a number of audio adapters for different vehicles and I am looking to take on a few other projects. While I am normally pretty good at sourcing components, I am having a hard time finding some of these auto manufacturer specific connectors. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ill share as much info as I have. Please also mention if there is an internal connector that connects to an exterior plug and what pins would fit!

This is a 12 pin connector from BMW, Saab and even ford. Seems to be widely used throughout the industry but I cant find it!

this one is a 12pin from a Mercedes. This is almost identical except for that indent which seems to have moved from the left to the right side. My assumption is they are from the same manufacturer and use the same internal connector and pins.

Last one is from a Honda motorcycle. Looks to be a standard 3 pin molex very similar to the 0039012020 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey except with 3 pins and not 2. Molex site didn’t show anything like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!