Help with connector identification

Good morning all. Looking for help identifying this connectors part number and its mate. I think it’s TE connectivity. It is used in a current BMW wiring harness and it’s a 2 pin 20 gauge wire female socket. Thank you in advance

Hello Jayv64,

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I was unable to find a match to this picture, on our website.
Can you post more pictures from different angles, and do you have a picture of the mating connector?
Being it’s on a BMW, it may be a proprietary connector.

Thank you for the quick response, the other side goes into the turbo inlet. I am trying to make a T to splice into it without having to solder into the wiring. I do have this. It might help

Hi Jayv64 ,

Unfortunately I do not find this in our system. Having a BMW dealer fix it may be your best bet, otherwise ebay, a junkyard, or replacing the entire connection system with new connectors may be an option.