Need to identify BMW CAN-bus connectors

they are 4 pin connectors used for CAN-bus data.

Hello @dan2,

Welcome to Digi-Key’s TechForum. Do you know what the pitch of those connectors is? Do you have more images of it from different angles? These would help in identifying those connectors.

For the socket half, there are 4 sockets in 2 rows. On the long axis the spacing is 6mm and on the short axis it’s 3mm. The top and bottom rows are offset by 4mm. The approximate dimensions of the plug itself are 15.7mm x 7.7mm, and the housing is about 22mm x 15mm.


Those connectors look like they could be part numbers A122079-ND along with mating connector 17-1-967584-1-ND.

You will have to check the datasheets and specifications to verify that those are the correct products.

You’re awesome. Yes, the A122079-ND is definitely it. The mating connector doesn’t look exactly like what we have here, but I suspect would work. Are there any other options for the mating connector?


That is the only one I found on our website that looks similar to your images. There are some other mating products and they can be found on the below datasheet. I just did a control+F and searched for part number 1-967640-1, and it showed some other options of mating connectors. We don’t have all of them in our system so you may have to take a look at them on TE’s website.

Hey Brock. No problem finding the correct female receptacle pins for the 1-967584-1 (5-963716-2), but have had trouble finding the proper male pin for the 1-967640-1. This would be for ~18AWG wire. Is the correct P/N 5-965908-1? Something else?