End orientation for semi-custom ribbon cables

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For semi-custom PN M3DDA-1628J, how would I modify the number to specify that one connector is installed “up” and other one “down”? As currently defined, both connectors face the same way:

I need it to look like this instead:

We buy this cable pre-made and then install the labels before installation.



We are looking into this issue and will reachout as soon as we can.

Thank you


I just realized there’s a bug in my image; pin 1 still goes to pin 1, so the tab on the left-hand connector should be outboard, not in toward the center. As drawn,

you can’t make the cable pins match 1 to 1.

It’s been a week, and I’m trying to finish the drawings for the next product build. Any update?

My apologies for the delay but i have word back from custom cables.

That part number can’t be modified as is, we would need to create a new part number. I have the email and questions needed to email this out and get this option assembled :
Customer number

Full contact information including name, company name, location, phone number, and email

List of components for assembly

Drawing of the assembly(customs should be able to help out with this if the customer isn’t capable of providing a drawing)

Quantity that they want to order, and if it will be a single purchase, or if it will be a quarterly or yearly purchase.


We also have a link here that shows how to if you would like to view it :slight_smile: Digi-Key Value Add Capabilities > Rectangular Cable Assemblies

Hopefully this gets you all set.

Thank you


Thanks for the help. That’s what I need.