AT-C-26-6/6/B-7/R and non R

Can someone please clarify what the difference is between the R and non R.

I believ one is reversed and the other isnt. Problem is, the datasheets contradict.

The non R version says it is standard pin but then takes you to a datasheet showing the reversed.

And the R version says it is reversed and sends you to the Standard layout…


The distinction is indeed with respect to the sense with which the connectors are applied and the resultant connectivity. Unfortunately, it’s a matter in which some confusion and ambiguity remains; one is best advised to check the pinout diagram on the datasheet for a part in question prior to ordering.

thats all good and well but… the description for the one ending in R states it is reversed. Yet the diagram indicates a straight pin for pin layout which is confusing.

If one considers a context where the expectation is to connect a TX on one device to an RX on another, calling a pin-reversed cable “standard” can make more sense, though such would seem backwards from the perspective of one focused on connectivity.

It’s confusing, to be certain; the bitter, brutal fact of the matter though is that it’s one of numerous points of detail on which perfection in consistency of nomenclature and product curation has yet to be achieved among all parties. Hence, the counsel to rely on the connection diagrams as the most authoritative indicator of the function of any particular cable.

Such issues are not as uncommon as one might hope, and in these cases views differ regarding whether it’s better to accept the manufacturer’s nomenclature or attempt to present information in a normalized fashion. One can be pretty much assured however that somebody, somewhere is going to disagree with whichever convention one chooses…