Rohs Compliance

Those 4 materials are RoHS compliance with exemption. Please help to check whether they have replacement part for fully RoHS compliance product which is without Lead or without Lead titanium zirconium oxide , or any other equivalent parts can propose?

  1. PUI P/N: AB2025B-LW100-R
  2. MURATA P/N: PKLCS1212E40A1-R1
  3. NORCOMP P/N: 172-E09-202R011
  4. NORCOM P/N: 172-E09-103R021

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For these requests, it is best customers go to, or alternatively:

However, I did get some information:

  1. MURATA P/N: PKLCS1212E40A1-R1 Murata requires End customer and specific End application.
  2. NORCOMP P/N: 172-E09-202R011 Attached.
  3. NORCOM P/N: 172-E09-103R021 Attached
    Norcomp RoHS3 Statement.pdf (116.9 KB)