ROHS compliant

We looking to product SMCJ54A Make: Littlefuse. it says product is ROHS compliant. but under Environmental & Export Classifications warning is provided for lead content. Please clarify

Hello, I am looking at part number SMCJ54A ( and I do not see a warning for lead content. If you are looking at a different part, please provide a Digi-Key part number or a link. If you have further questions regarding RoHS compliance, please email

The California Prop 65 warning mentions lead, which does not affect actaul RoHS compliance.

CA Prop 65 requires the warning if their can be even the possibility of one molecule of lead in the product, while RoHS allows for a few molecules :wink:

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Personally I go by RoHS and the MSDS or SDS sheet, but it will depend on your preference and the requirements of your assembly.