Saving Space: Judco’s J-188 Rear Panel Mount Switches

Looking for a rear panel mount, pushbutton switch for a small enclosure or tight space? In many designs, the vertical extension of the switch below the surface presents a problem, especially after wires or quick connects are attached to the terminals

In the common example shown below, the vertical switch body and terminals require extra depth, and the soldered wire or quick connects (depending upon the model) may also need space to avoid stress from bending.


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The Judco J-188 Series:

Many models within the Judco J-188 series present a solution with their right-angle terminals. [click here ]. The vertical depth of the switch body below the panel is around 0.3 inch (7.62 mm), and no calculation or guesswork is needed to determine how much more room is needed for wires. (Actual depth may be slightly above or below 0.3 inch/7.62 mm)

Part number 545PB-ND (Mfr# 40-4526-00) is an example of a Judco J-188 pushbutton switch with wire lead termination: [click here ].


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Part number 502PB-ND (Mfr# 40-1673-01) is an example of a Judco J-188 pushbutton switch with quick connect (QC) terminals: [click here ].

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In the last example, note the thickness (0.016 in. / 0.41 mm) and width (0.110 in./ 2.79 mm) of the QC terminals. These are the most important dimensions needed for finding a matching QC terminal: [click here ]. Product Index > Connectors, Interconnects > Terminals – Quick Connects, Quick Disconnect Connectors (also use the filter option Gender: Female followed by Apply Filters)

There’s a “Wire Gauge” filter in that category, too, and that will match whatever wire is chosen: [click here ]. Product Index > Cables, Wires > Single Conductor Cables (Hook-UP Wire)

Enjoy the extra space!

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