Scheme-It connector pin numbers corrupt on load


I’ve just opened a Scheme-It schematic I created last year. All the connector pin numbers appear correctly for a few seconds while loading and then change to a different number. Previous versions of the file are similarly affected.


Figure 1. The call-outs show the correct numbers which appear while loading. The schematic shows the altered numbers which appear when fully loaded.

Has anyone seen this before? Anyone got a fix?

Many thanks.


This is due to Scheme-It updating your projects from the older version that your project was created in to the newest version. It seems new rules apply to the port that do not allow naming such as “X10.1”.


Wow! Where do I find what is allowed? Can I use underscores or hyphens?

Thank you for the quick reply.


Unfortunately at this time a valid Reference designator is to start with up to 6 letters followed by digits. Examples: R1, C12, RES123

If you would like you can leave the reference designator as it is reassigned by the update process and use the Name: value to rename it as shown below