Symbol Editor saves symbols with right-justified names on 'Pin Right' pins

The save function of the symbol editor creates symbols that do not display the names on ‘Pin Right’ pins correctly. Saving an existing ‘good’ symbol under a new name causes the problem to appear.

Symbol Editor: image
Pin Right KO: image
Pin Left OK:

In the Symbol editor I add pins with the connection point on the left (‘Pin Right’), with the pin name on the right side of the pin. Looks good in the Symbol Editor but after saving, when placed onto a schematic diagram the pin name text overlaps towards the left. If the text is more than a couple of characters it overlaps onto the pin and beyond if there are enough characters. Symbols built weeks ago are fine and in the symbol editor look the same as a new one. I saved an existing ‘good’ symbol with a new name, and the same problem appeared. It appears to be only a problem with ‘Pin Right’ pins (KO), not on ‘Pin Left’ pins (OK).

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum johnsoe1.
Is this Symbol Editor in Scheme-It, or what program?
I’m not familiar with this program, so hopefully one of the engineers can add to this post.
Have you tried adding spaces to the beginning of the K4_TR2_OUT name to move it over?
Good luck with the project, and let us know if you find a solution.

Hi David!

I’m using the Symbol Builder built into the Scheme-it for creating custom symbols. It’s all within the Scheme-it design ecosystem.

Hi @johnsoe1 - Thank you for the feedback. The Scheme-it team has been made aware of this bug and will prioritize the fix on the pin name alignment.

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Thanks Cody! I’m looking forward to this bug being squashed. :beetle: :smiley:
Any idea on the ETA of an update to Scheme-it which addresses the problem?

@johnsoe1 No problem! The team is pushing to get the issue fixed, tested, and released next week.