Some Existing Symbols in Symbol Editor v2.0 Cannot Be Edited

I have drawn a couple of custom symbols that I’ve deployed on my schematic.

Today when I go back to edit some of them, they are just a blank sheet of paper. i.e. Open → select symbol → nothing appears. No pins or shapes. The symbol itself continues to be usable in the schematic.

Any advice please?

@kier, can you please share your project link and the name of the symbols that are blank in the editor?
Are you using Build a Symbol or Symbol Editor V2.0?

Hi Cody,

I’m using Symbol Editor v2.0

Here’s the project link:

The symbol called ‘74HCT30’ appears blank in the editor.



@kier - The problem was identified and is related to the ‘&’ symbol use in the editor. The team is looking into a fix for this. In the meantime removing the ‘&’ from your custom symbol should fix the issue.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Thanks Cody.

I would remove the ‘&’ symbol if I could but remember I can’t see the symbol to edit it.

I think what you’re saying is that, until fixed, I have to draw it again but without the ampersand, is that right?


I think there must another cause. I cannot edit symbol COMBINED_MOSFET either and this does not contain the ‘&’ symbol.

Hi @kier
With your first reply, you are correct. If edits to the symbol are needed immediately you would need to build a new symbol without the ampersand or other special character.
I will share your second symbol issue with the Scheme-it team to look into as well.

Your feedback and patience is appreciated!

@kier - Both of your symbols should now be available and editable in the symbol editor. The Scheme-it team has fixed the issues relating to these two.

Many thanks Cody!

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