Custom Symbol Has Detached Pins When Placed In Schematic


In the following project, if I add custom symbol COMBINED_MOSFET some of the pins are detached from the symbol outline. Please can you tell me how to fix the custom symbol? I’ve tried deleting and adding the pins again but it makes no difference.




@kier - I have reported this issue to the Scheme-it team to look into. To make the symbol work for now, you can manually change the pin positions using the menu on the right side of the editor. This will render incorrectly in the editor but the symbol will be placed correctly in the canvas.

@Cody_Walseth Many thanks!

Hi Cody,

I have a more extreme example of what I think is the same problem. When I place custom symbol HV_VOLTAGE SENSE onto the schematic and connect it, initially it looks fine:

If I Save and exit the project then return and Open the project, the VIN+ pin has been displaced south by a distance such that it has completely disappeared from the page and cannot be retrieved:

I don’t think your workaround is possible in the circumstance. At the moment, I can’t use this symbol in my schematic.

Can you report it to the Scheme-It team please?

Thank you.

@kier Would you be able to share a project link so that I can take a look at it and try to reproduce the issue?

Here’s the project link:

@kier Thank you! I was able to reproduce the error, and will make the development team aware of the issue. I was able to recreate the circuit using those parts on the same canvas without issue. Would you please try to start a new project and use the same parts/circuit setup?

Thank you. Yes starting a new blank project seems to fix the issue. However, I still have the problem on my actual project. If I delete the symbol in question and its nets then add the symbol again, the problem returns.

Are you saying the issue is the project canvas rather than the symbol? I think this might be a big problem for me because it’s not feasible for me to re draw my project, it’s just too large.

@kier The issue may just be with the way the part was saved. Can you please try to delete that part/net from your schematic, and then open and resave the original custom symbol and then see if the issue persists?

Thanks Mike. I did as you advised:

Deleted instances of the custom symbol.

Saved project.

Edited custom symbol and saved.

Added custom symbol back to schematic.

But the problem has shifted to another instance of the component.


@kier Is the custom symbol the previous version, or the newly saved one?

It’s the newly saved one.

@kier Okay, the development team will take a look at it and try to get to the root of the problem. Thank you for your patience!

@kier Would you please try the symbol again now? The issue should be resolved.

Thanks for your patience!

@MikeW Thank you but it’s not resolved for me. I deleted the symbol and re-added to this project:

…and it still has the issue.

@kier - the COMBINED_MOSFET symbol has been fixed. Can you verify it is now working as expected in your symbols and project?

The team is looking into on the issue with the HV_VOLTAGE SENSE symbol.

@Cody_Walseth Ah, I see. Yes COMBINED_MOSFET works fine now. Thank you very much!

I have opened problem symbol HV_VOLTAGE SENSE and Saved As HV_VOLTAGE_SENSE (with second underscore) but it the issue remains.