Schottky Diode vs. Zener Diode in application

Schottky Diodes and Zener Diodes are both diodes, and both are used in certain types of rectifier circuits, but they are completely different types of parts. Their typical electrical characteristics are shown below:

Schottky Diode Zener Diode
Structure Metal-Semi Conductor Junction P-N junction
Voltage - DC Reverse Higher Lower
Forward Voltage Drop Lower Higher
Reverse Recovery Time Shorter Longer
Application High-frequency rectification, higher voltage protection Steady breakdown voltage, low-frequency operation
Application example(1) Switching Mode Power Supply Rectification Overvoltage Protection Circuit
Application example(2) High-Speed Interface Protection Circuit (e.g. USB, HDMI) Voltage Reference

You cannot use a zener diode in place of a Schottky diode, or vice versa. Doing so will result in decreased performance, undesired behavior, or even damage to the system at worst.


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