Schottky match in through-hole

Hello! I’m trying to find an SB07-03N-AA Schottky diode in a through-hole package like a common transistor. (I think it’s TO-92.)

I’ve matched SB07-03 diodes in my search… but I only see surface mount ones. Any thoughts on a though-hole option? Or else a substitution? (I tried the substitution tool but also only go surface-mount choices. But maybe I clicked too many lines to match?)

Thanks much!

Hello @Zack_parts ,
I don’t think you are going to find a matching through-hole diode in a TO-92 package. Since the SB07-03N-AA only uses 2 of the leads you will have better luck finding a similar part in a 2 lead package, like a DO-41. If you need the 3 legs you would probably need to look in the diode array area.

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Thanks much, Robert!
Since it has three leads, I just assumed it would use all three. I didn’t realize it might not, and I didn’t dig deeper to confirm.

So your tip helps a lot here, thanks.