SD Card used to flash eMMC

Hi Robert,

Please help me to clear a few questions:
If SD card is used to flash eMMC for bare metal boards, what are required? Can it be done without UART and micro usb to download MLO and u-boot.img first?
How to uboot with sd card? Has any sd card image that bundles uboot and debian to be flash on to emmc at once?
Any way to program EEPROM through SD card?

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Hi @dzhou, factory “blank” boards can be programmed by the a special “blank” version of the flasher:

It uses a special u-boot patch to assume eeprom is is a specific board:

Which for the factory read’s /boot/.eeprom.txt to help speicfy which board:

and then programs the matching id to the board:

All done in U-Boot, (u-boot.img)


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