Searching for replacement process meter that will meet criteria

Hello, I am with LEL Critical, we manufacture critical power products. We are searching for a replacement process meter for fuel management. We currently use a product made by Flowline LI55 - 8411.
LI55_m.pdf (2.3 MB)

What we need that this unit will not offer is the ability give a reference output votlage scaled to the 4-20 ma input, that would give us a 0-5 volt output for chart recorder via a repeater option. The Flowline offers a repeater but they use an internal 15 ohm resister which will not allow us to get a 0-5 or 1-5 vdc output to our recorder/telematics devices.
The flowline does have 4-Form C relay dry contacts, which are programable to trigger at various levels and can auto reset at programable levels, also has options to latch and manual reset along with auto reset. We do need at minimum (3) form A contacts that can be programmed to trigger and reset.
If we could have a device that would repeat the 4-20 ma, with out any resistor, we could add our own 250 ohm resistor to give us the required 1-5 vdc output to recorder device.
We would like a LED, LCD, HMI (color) screen, any of these would be accepted. We need the input power to be 24 vdc. Need relays to be programable.
could you please see if this device can be obtained, if so send me link to product and spec.
thank you very much!

Hi greg2,

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We carry a line of products called “Signal Conditioners” which take inputs of one type and convert them to another. Products such as the RMCN22BD or the ADAM-3014-AE can take a 4-20mA signal and convert to either 0 - 5V or 1 - 5V output, either directly or via a burden resistor (in the case of the RMCN22BD outputting 4 - 20mA to a 250 Ohm resistor). I found additional documentation for the ADAM-3014-AE here.

Take a look at those and see if they might do the trick for you.

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Hello Greg,

Red Lion offers a process meter that appears to meet your specification. One such meter is:

Here is an excerpt from the Red Lion website. Observe that the meter has optional quad relay and an optional retransmitted analog output module.

Here are links to the optional modules:

If you are interested in this product, may I recommend you reply to this email with a request to speak to DigiKey’s Red Lion product manager. That person will be better able to review your specifications and verify that I have not led you astray.

Please share pictures of your final solution.

Best Wishes,